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A team leader

A team leader encourages his/her team to achieve their ............................. targets. Service, Supervisory, department, individual

A team leader will often be responsible for (tick the correct options)

(a) Handling a particular team of workers

(b) Running a specific department

(c) Managing an entire shift of employees

Match the following:

(a) A team leader is more like a

(c) Team leader acts as a liaison between

Leadership is the ability to:

(a) Influence others

(b) Motivate others

(i) the team and the supervisor.

(iii) new and existing sales associates.

A team leader should offer tips and training to

(ii) disputes between sales associates and Customers

(d) Team leader is also responsible for settling

(iv) department manager.

(c) Enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organization

(d) All of the above

Key characteristics (s) of a Team Leader include:

(a) Makes Decision

(b) Leads from the front

(c) Serves as an example

(d) All of the above


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