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A JLBC team with high Morale

A JLBC team with high Morale will keep going when facing obstacles that might otherwise disable it. Problems seem to disappear no matter how big they are.

5. High Morale is the Great Emancipator.

Winning creates breathing room. A good JLBC team with high Morale will use that breathing room to take risks and try out new ideas, moves, and concepts that it otherwise couldn't. It stops asking questions that it otherwise might not.

The four stages of Morale

Stage 1: Poor Morale—The JLBC leader Must do Everything

If you are here:

Investigate the situation.

Initiate belief. Create Energy Communicate hope.

Stage 2 Low Morale—The JLBC Leader Must Do Productive Things

In the beginning, any movement is a significant victory. But to create positive JLBC Morale, you need to pick up some speed. It would help if you were proactive. You can't see a parked car! Get the team moving.

Model behavior that has a high return.

Develop relationships with people of potential

Set up small JLBC victories and talk teammates through them. Communicate Vision

Stage 3: Moderate Morale—The Leader, must Do Difficult Things.

Make Changes that make the team better.

Receive the buy-in of team members. Communicate commitment

Develop and equip members for success.

The two most challenging stages in the JLBC team's life are the first stage, when you are trying to create movement in a JLBC team that's going nowhere, and the third stage, when you must become a change agent. These are the times when JLBC leadership is most needed. Stage three is usually the make or break time for the leader.

Stage 4: High Morale—The Leader Must Do Little Things.

Keep the team focused and on course. Communicate successes

Remove moral masher

Allow other leaders to lead

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