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  1. Class 101: Introduction to Cadet Corps: This class will provide an overview of the Cadet Corps' history, structure, and mission, as well as an introduction to military customs and courtesies.

  2. Class 102: Leadership Development: In this class, cadets will learn about different leadership styles, team building, problem-solving, decision-making skills, and communication techniques.

  3. Class 201: Basic Drill and Ceremony: Cadets will learn the basics of military drill and ceremony, including marching, manual of arms, and formations.

  4. Class 202: Physical Fitness and Conditioning: This class will cover basic physical fitness concepts, including exercise techniques, personal health, and nutrition.

  5. Class 301: Navigation and Survival Skills: Cadets will be introduced to land navigation techniques using maps, compasses, and GPS devices, as well as survival skills for different environments.

  6. Class 302: First Aid and Emergency Procedures: This class will cover basic first aid procedures and emergency response techniques.

  7. Class 401: Citizenship and Community Service: In this class, cadets will learn about the importance of citizenship and community involvement and will have opportunities to participate in service projects.

  8. Class 402: Military History and Strategy: Cadets will study critical events in military history and learn about strategic and tactical concepts.

  9. Class 501: Advanced Leadership: This class will delve deeper into leadership theory and application, focusing on ethical leadership and advanced problem-solving.

  10. Class 502: Military Science and Tactics: This class will cover more advanced military science topics, including tactical operations and planning.

These classes could be modified or expanded based on the specific needs and goals of the JLBC Cadet Corps.

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