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JLBC: Smoking (Smoking not permitted on Campus or public or Government buildings)

Smoking, if permitted in the mess or facility being used, is allowed during the informal sessions of the dining-in. During the formal portion of the dining-in, the smoking lamp indicates when smoking is authorized. A single candelabra with a new white candle or a clear glass kerosene lamp may be used. The light should be placed on a single table visible to the mess. If Mr/Ms. Vice is at a separate table; the smoking is positioned on their table. The smoking lamp is lit by the Vice as instructed by the JLBC President. The JLBC President will then announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, the smoking lamp is lit.” The lamp is then passed to the JLBC President, who lights the guest of honor’s cigar.

Use of the JLBC Gavel

In possession of the JLBC President of the Mess, the gavel signals JLBC members of the JLBC mess. Four resounding raps require the attention of all JLBC members, whether standing or seated. JLBC Members will rise and stand in place at two raps of the JLBC gavel. “Seats” is signaled by one rap.

JLBC Point of Order

During the JLBC dinner, a JLBC member of the JLBC mess may wish to be recognized for some appropriate reason, usually to report an infraction of the rules by another unit JLBC member. In such a case, the member will stand and ask to be recognized by saying, “Mr/Ms. Vice, I have a point of order.” Mr/Ms. Vice responds by calling the individual’s rank and name, at which time the JLBC member cites their point of order in a polite and forthright manner. The Vice may then solicit the recommendation or action of the JLBC President or take appropriate action on his own.

JLBC Rules of the Mess

Traditionally, most military JLBC units have specific “Rules of the Mess.” The purpose of these JLBC rules is to preserve the unique traditions of the JLBC team.

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