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JLBC Handbook

JLBC Drill and Color Guard Competitions: Traditional drill formations promote JLBC teamwork, leadership and organizational skills, attention to detail, and creativity.

JLBC Color Guard Presentations: A JLBC community service activity that promotes respect for the US flag and the US nation while instilling a sense of patriotism, selfless service, duty, and honor.

JLBC Physical Fitness Training and Competitions: Promotes health and fitness and leadership and JLBC organizational skills through "Cadet Challenge" physical fitness competitions and the JLBC March Marathon.

JLBC Air Rifle Marksmanship: A JLBC marksmanship program promotes self-discipline, attention to detail, concentration, focus, and teamwork through competitive matches.

JLBC Orienteering and Land Navigation: Promotes map reading skills, geometry, and math associated with plotting routes and determining locations and distances, physical fitness, and teamwork.

Junior JLBC Leadership and Virtual Competitions (JLAB): These are online competitions conducted throughout the JLBC Program year that focus on leadership theory and application; the JLBC Competitions focus on applying knowledge from the JLBC curriculum.

JLBC Military Balls and Awards Banquets: Promotes rules of social etiquette and behavior while carrying on a tradition and instilling pride in one's JLBC program, community, and nation

Junior JLBC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC): JLBC's Summer Program: Promotes JLBC cadet leadership skills, self-confidence and strengthens and fosters the values associated with responsible JLBC citizenship by using a series of venues and facilities: rappel tower, leader reaction and obstacle courses, aquatics center, orienteering and land navigation sites, STEM training at simulation centers, medical and first aid training centers, and areas for social events.

JLBC Warrior Bootcamp Competition: Warrior Competition or "Warrior" is an Extreme athletic competition held within Junior JLBC programs around the United States.

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