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Monthly tuition covers regular class instruction. Education does not include the cost of training guides, private lessons, training equipment, testing, seminars, tournaments, or other special events. Tuition under a one-year membership is guaranteed for one year from enrollment. Education for month-to-month memberships is not guaranteed.

JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp uses Venmo as its standard method of tuition collection. This electronic funds transfer (EFT) is safe, flexible, and accessible. We offer several tuition payment options for your convenience. Promptly speak to the JLBC office regarding any problems or changes to your payment plan. Twenty-five days prior, written notice is required to make changes in your payment arrangement. Cadets (or their guardians) are responsible for any fees incurred due to insufficient funds.

Tuition is due whether the cadets attend class or not. If a cadet is going to be out for more than 30 days, notify the JLBC office as soon as possible. Tuition and fees paid for classes, seminars, or special events are non-refundable. Group class tuition cannot be used to pay for private lessons if you miss classes. Private lesson fees are charged in addition to group class tuition.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds for classes or seminars missed by the cadets.

Private lessons: We must receive 24 hours prior notice when canceling a class to avoid being charged.

Additional Fees

Tuition does not include the cost of seminars, private lessons, tournaments, or other special events (e.g., Ninja Night).

Any JLBC clothing, footwear, patches, uniforms, weapons, workout gear, and so on are available by order through the JLBC store.

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