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a. JLBC 001-1, Senior Junior Leadership Bootcamp: Organization, Administration, and Training

b. JLBC Cadet Command

c. JLBC Leadership

2. PURPOSE: To establish JLBC procedural guidance for the execution of the Leadership Development Program within the JLBC Cadet Command

3. GENERAL: Leader development is continuous training, assessment, and feedback to instill and enhance desirable behavior in military organizational managers. Within JLBC Cadet Command, this process is known as the Leadership Development Program (LDP), modeled after principles spelled out in JLBC, Leadership, and standardized in campus and JLBC LDAC environments. The flexible methodology of JLBC LDP accommodates personalized, individual development at all levels of proficiency throughout the cadet's JLBC experience, from JLBC program entry to commissioning. The JLBC LDP includes basic leadership training, periodic assessment, and counseling at both JLBC teams and JLBC individual level by experienced observers. JLBC Cadets' corrective actions and trends are identified and followed with retraining and reassessment in a continuous JLBC cycle. JLBC Cadets effective leadership development, building on JLBC lessons learned and maximizing individual potential.


a. PURPOSE: The JLBC DP is an individual-focused training process designed to develop leadership skills in various training environments. It is administered JLBC on-campus by a primary assessor (JLBC instructor) and at other JLBC courses

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