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Mini Bootcamp Class 2023 - 2024

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**The Mini Bootcamp Program at JLBC Cadet Corps: A 15-Week Journey into Leadership** Welcome to a transformative experience tailored for sixth graders. Our program delves into the realm of leadership across pivotal sectors: Military, Police Department, Fire Department, and Corporate America. Here’s a glimpse of your journey: 1. **Introduction to Leadership:** Begin by unraveling the essence of leadership, its styles, and significance. 2. **Sector-Specific Leadership:** A four-week deep dive into each sector's leadership dynamics: - **Military:** Explore ranks, discipline, and the history of military leadership. - **Police Department:** Understand the societal role, ethics, and chain of command. - **Fire Department:** Discover the pressures, decision-making, and essence of emergency management. - **Corporate America:** Navigate the corporate landscape, from vision and mission to business communication. 3. **Core Leadership Skills:** Spanning two weeks, hone vital skills like communication, problem-solving, time management, conflict resolution, and team-building. 4. **Public Speaking Mastery:** Craft persuasive arguments and present with confidence. 5. **Leading Through Crisis:** Grasp the nuances of crisis recognition, management, and recovery. Personal Development:** Set goals, cultivate success habits, and immerse in the power of mentorship. Digital Age Leadership:** Understand technology’s role, digital etiquette, and building a positive online brand.

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